Friday, August 25, 2017

So long!

Today, I sign off as Knox Gun Guy, and leave for Florida. If you wish to follow my future posts, in an as-yet named firearms/firearms civil rights digital tome, send me a note. Do it soon, though, as my current email is going inactive. I get so many spams, I am starting the Florida experience with a new email. . . . .or you can look me up on Facebook.

My other blog, Good Hill Press, will continue from time to time as it suits my fancy. The link is at the top of this page.


In serious news, Knoxville outlets report an event in the Fort Sanders area this Saturday that is projected to pit white supremacist/nazi's against socialist/commies(Read Gabe Saurez's commentary on them HERE). Her Honor, the Mayor of Knoxville has banned possession of firearms in the area.

My advice, is DON'T GO THERE! Any time you have factions such as these clash, things could get real nasty, real fast.

Nuff said.

Bye, y'all.

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