Thursday, July 13, 2017

Guns now legal on KAT buses

WATE reports that the City of Knoxville has quietly changed its position regarding guns on KAT (Knoxville Area Transit) buses. A new law that went into effect July 1, 2017 requires bus stations, etc., to either provide certain security measures, including such things as metal detectors and controlled access if they are going to have a wholesale prohibition of weapons. The City decided to not spend the money. After all, even if they could control access in the bus terminals, they certainly can't control access at every bus stop.

This means that if you have a valid handgun carry permit, signs such as this in Tennessee don't apply to you. In spite of permit holders being the most law-abiding group or citizens, bar none, officials can't seem to comprehend this is not the same hoodlum group that keeps robbing, raping, and murdering in our cities.

Seems there are only two ways to get bull-headed potentates to see the light.

  1. Legislate them into compliance
  2. Litigate them into compliance

They don't seem to be able to comprehend that the individuals that need to be prohibited from carrying onto KAT buses, and into other venues are already prohibited by Federal law from having a single Barney Fife bullet in their pocket.

Keep calm and carry!


  1. Well said Brother!
    These anti-gun, anti-constitution Political Hacks need to feel the heat !

  2. Thanks for spreading the word! We still need to deal with the library situation. I recall that libraries were exempted from the requirement to have metal detectors.

  3. I had called KAT about a year ago and asked if guns were prohibited on buses. The Safety Officer said yes. Since I couldn't afford to gain standing by purposefully going armed while open carrying on a bus, in order to then file suite, this certainly is welcome news for the less fortunate who were most affected by this.

    1. Fred, now that folks can carry on a KAT bus, it would be nice if they had a range that the bus actually goes by. But...Knoxville bans ranges within the city liimits.

  4. Still a lot of "gun free" zones that have to be addressed and that stupid law that makes you a bad guy if you pass into a PUBLIC BUSINESS that has a Second Amendment killing sign on the door.


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