Tuesday, July 18, 2017

A tale of two lawsuits

Chilhowee Park photo by Liston Matthews
This narrative begins in the year ought-nine, although there is a history that goes back (should one care to look) five score years, or so.

For the purposes of brevity, flash back to the turbulent decade of the sixties, to the year sixty-two, in the Borough of Noxingham. At that time, the local burgesses, fearing a serf uprising, saw fit to disarm serfs who entered parks. Thus they outlawed muskets, blunderbusses, pepperboxes, pistols, dirks, Bowie knives, revolvers, &ca., from all areas that were generally known as parks.

In ought-nine, the lawgivers in Nashtown issued a decree, duly signed by the Governor-General, that pistols and revolvers would no longer be outlawed in state parks, provided the citizenry carried a permission slip issued by the chief constabulary of the state. But those lawgivers gave local boroughs, parishes, villages and counties permission to continue outlawing all such weaponry in local parks.

That year ('09), the Lord Mayor of Noxingham, Sir William of Aslam, in a surprise move, urged the local burgesses to continue their ban. In a meeting in the Noxingham Fortress guarded by the High Sheriff of Noxingham, he began a narrative which, at first, were one listening closely, sounded like he was calling for rescinding said ban, "Now let me get this straight," said he,  "I am walking down the street known as Gay, and I have my permission slip, and I turn right into the park known as Krutch," here, he paused for effect, "now I'm a rapscallion?"

(The reader may recall that said Lord Mayor had posed the same question to a meeting of the Noxingham chapter of the Brotherhood of Firearms not a fortnight earlier.)

The lawgivers in Nashtown more recently decreed that local boroughs, parishes, villages and counties would no longer have permission to continue outlawing all weaponry in local parks.

Notwithstanding the Nashtown decree, the Noxingham burgesses continued to outlaw muskets, pistols, &ca., in what had been know for those five score years as Chilhowee Park. The Brotherhood of Firearms saw fit to seek legal redress through the courts of justice.

That case is yet to be determined, but another case came before another magistrate, which was eventually settled without trial.

That settlement apparently allows the Borough of Noxingham to continue banning the aforementioned weaponry whenever they have an event which requires a ticket to get in. Otherwise, citizenry with totin' permits may enter the exterior premises with their pistols in tow.

So, whenever a paid event is held at Chilhowee, defensive weaponry is still banned. Unless you are the Lady Mayor of Noxingham, with your own security detail, or a member of the constabulary, you must park and walk unarmed to such events as the Tennessee Valley Fair.

Precious little was gained for the Second Amendment in that settlement, inasmuch as you are forcibly disarmed if you wish to avail yourself of the festivities at the Fair. So . . . .

Proceed at your own risk.


  1. I do believe the settled lawsuit allowed the Plaintiff to simply declare "Victory!" without anything achieved, and without any substantive change to policy. Except the town crier was able to proclaim that a lawsuit was filed, and all the villagers and yeoman that are part of the weapons guild supporting the settled lawsuit feel good about themselves.

  2. Disgrunteled, offended, pissed and involvedJuly 18, 2017 at 9:33 PM

    It should be recognized that because of decades of enslavement the serf's and other commoners simply accepted the decree of the Sheriff and the Queen.

    It should also be known that because the incremental dumbing-down of this ruled class they did not understand what was going on. They also thought that the one case where the weak-bellied complainer gave up after the weakest effort was 'the way it is'.
    The see'ers of the truth know that if the queen and her Sheriff are allowed to pass rules where they are special and can do things which the commoners cannot that the queen and her rulers will continue and expand her unjust controls.
    It is known that other Dominions are watching if this castledom gets away with it's iron-fisted and immoral rules so they can follow in step.
    However, some surfs are stubborn, know that to be ruled like that and accept it is worse than death. These surfs are pledged to never give up seeking justice and the rights to defend themselves against thieves and henchmen. To these surfs if you cannot own yourself then someone else owns you, and that is unacceptable. Thus these surfs WILL sacrifice all they have, all possessions, to fight for not only their personal rights, but by default, all other citizens.


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