Tuesday, July 12, 2016

KnoxNews flubs on two year old car carry law

Author holding 44-40 Henry rifle
The Henry Rifle I am holding here might be too large and unwieldy to carry loaded in your car, but under Tennessee law, it is legal. The Knoxville News-Sentinel reported this as news yesterday, July 11, 2016 on page A4.

The problem is, this is two year old news. This piece was picked up from the Chattanooga Times Free Press from July 9, 2014.

I did a complete breakdown on this in 2014 at my Good Hill Press, and also posted commentary at  Examiner, where I was writing at the time.

So, looking at this old news in the rear view mirror, it is worth noting that the fears mentioned in the article have not come to pass. Tennesseans don't need  a permission slip from the state to act responsibly.

The next step:    Constitutional Carry

Will current legislators follow the Constitution, or will we have to replace them with those who will?


  1. The politicians have predicted that the sky would fall with every step of the journey. From "Shall issue" to more recently, guns in bars, to guns in parks, to "car carry". As I discussed with a Nashville Democratic Legislator, if a law that is proposed in Tennessee is ALREADY a law in 11 other states--then we REALLY do not have to speculate about what will happen. I do not believe that Tennesseans differ substantially from residents in those states.

  2. Absolutely correct Dr JSM - nearly 10 thousand times in my lifetime we've heard the chicken little siren songs [20+ thousand times since 1900]. Banning machine guns was supposed to end organized crime, so they chose small pistols for their "executions", while still using machine guns! Saturday night specials, 50 calibers, huge guns or small - the same old tired litany of "gun of choice" bull. I am Jim Greaves, and I approved this message.

  3. Superb incredible going, I cherish your work and look forward for more work from your side. I am a customary guest of this site and at this point have recommended numerous individuals.

  4. One of the things our RINOS profess is that we have long argued how safe and well informed we are due to our 8 hour or more concealed carry class and that because of it, we should have more freedom to carry in now posted places.

    They are now using that argument against us when it comes to Constitutional carry. No class, no training, no money in the till = no constitutional carry.

    So many other states have it or are now getting it. It is a shame we are stonewalled behind so many who have promised and failed to keep their word.

    The people who care about this and other gun related things are passionate in their beliefs. There is just not enough of us as of yet to wake up the sleeping RINOS.


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