Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Knox County early voting

Farragut Town Hall
Early voting began last Friday in Knox County, and continues through July 30. The schedule and locations are HERE.

Citizens who carry a defensive weapon should be forewarned that some early voting locations, such as Farragut Town Hall, are posted against firearms.

The Farragut leadership has, so far, decreed that you forfeit your natural right to self-defense when you enter Town Hall.
Do ya wanna come in heah, pilgrim, then leave thet popgun out in the car. Oh, and by the way, we don't provide no security in heah. No security guards, no metal detectors, no nuthin. You on ya own!
Perhaps the biggest danger is the fact that these prohibited zones with their signs are magnets for evildoers. Of all the mass shootings that have occurred since 1950, only three were not in so-called gun free zones.

But wait, there are alternatives*. The location at 1543 Downtown West Blvd in Knoxville was not posted when I voted Monday. Whether you lawfully carry a handgun or not, the absence of posted signs indicates a lower statistical risk.

Photo by Liston Matthews
There are other locations that are posted. These include the City-County Building, which does have security and metal detectors, and Carter Library, which like all Knox County Libraries, is posted. The County Commission appears to have the same attitude as Farragut when it comes to the libraries (note, too, that the Knox County Library posting sign at left lumps permit holders with sex offenders).

So, you ask yourself, "Should I carry when I go vote?"

If evil shows up, who ya gonna call?

*Some government locations may be posted by law, even if they don't have signs. You may want to seek legal advice.


  1. voting booth people are technically county employees and they are there working. I think that automatically makes it a prohibited location ........ supposedly.

    1. Loudon County removed their signs in 2014, except for courtrooms.


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