Saturday, July 30, 2016

Fatal errors

The Friday, July 29 Knoxville News-Sentinel contains reports of two instances of criminal foolishness that resulted in death.

One case involves an intruder who was killed by a homeowner in Union County. It was a fatal error.

The other case involves a man who decided to fight it out with deputies in Blount County. It appears that in the scuffle, his head impacted unforgiving pavement. Another fatal error.


In gun-friendly rural East Tennessee, home invaders are as likely as not to meet armed resistance. They could just be signing their own death warrant.

Fighting with the po-po can come to no good end. Police officers have to win. And, they have backup and radios. 

Another thing those of malevolent mind should consider. Tennessee no longer requires a permit to keep a defensive gun in a vehicle. 

Carjackers beware!

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