Friday, July 29, 2016

Defending against terroristic mass murder

Massad Ayoob

By Massad Ayoob
Backwoods Home Magazine
Issue #160 • July/August, 2016
My friend Rich Grassi is a retired cop, a masterful instructor, and one of the best writers in the tactical field today. He recently wrote that it would be wise to carry a gun all the time, given the spate of terroristic mass murders in this country and elsewhere. Someone wrote back that the likelihood of being able to stop such a thing was less than that of winning the lottery. . . .
Please CLICK HERE and go over to Backwoods Home Magazine to read this very informative article by Massad Ayoob.


  1. The link is a good read.
    I am passing it along to many others.

  2. The State Run Media or their Police State wont give the people the truth about these JIHADIS..
    Paul Joseph Watson: Media "coverage" of terror attacks is more like a "cover up"


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