Thursday, June 23, 2016

A civilized dialogue

When dialogue no longer works
How many times have you heard a gun-banner say, “We need to have a conversation about _________ (fill in the blank: gun control, gun safety, universal background checks, etc.).”
Recently, I read a letter to the editor* of my local paper that included a similar statement;
“Through civilized dialogue, we can create viable solutions to make our community safer and a better place to live today and in the future.”

So, I decided to take up the challenge and initiate a civilized dialogue.

Read the complete story at AMMOLAND.


  1. Haven't read it yet, but before reading, my comment is "not possible". Gun control advocates won't listen to data or talk of abstract "rights" (no understanding on their part of a written document laying out rights that trump any policy) All that matters is that you agree with them.

    1. You're absolutely right. UNPOSSIBLE! It's like bipartisanship in the Congress. . .Republicans almost always cross the aisle to join with the Democrats.


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