Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Tennessee's doorsill of danger

Almost two years ago, Tennessee passed a bill that created "Constitutional Car Carry" in the Volunteer State. Basically, what this meant was that if a person can legally own or possess a firearm, he may carry a firearm, in ready condition in a vehicle. There are some exceptions, such as federal property, school grounds, and wildlife management areas.

The passage of that legislation included handguns and long guns. That was a good thing for Tennesseans and visitors to our beautiful state. The legal ability to defend oneself with effective means is affirmed within the vehicle.


The threshold or sill of the door is a visible marker of legal danger. As long as you stay on the inside of the car, you may protect yourself from crime, and you are protected by the law.

Step out of that car to pump gas, run into the convenience store, etc., with your handgun in a holster, and you become


Car doorsill photo by Liston Matthews
There is a pair of bills in the Tennessee legislature that would fix this absurdity. They are SB 1483 By Green and HB 1748 by Matheny.

Readers are encouraged to read my previous column on this subject, then sign the petition I have linked at this page. Contact your legislators and voice your support for these bills. They would further restore the 2nd Amendment to equality with the rest of the Bill of Rights.


  1. The Tennessee Declaration of Rights, Article I, Section 26, is more precise and applicable. The citizens of this State have a right to keep and bear (CARRY) arms for self defense. It is not connected to the militia, lest as some use, to diminish the individual right in the 2nd Amendment.

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