Saturday, February 20, 2016

Constitutional Carry Bill - HB1748 - yes

OK, Tennessee friends, now is the time to contact these committee members and ask for a yes vote in this Constitutional Carry bill. If you want to refresh yourself on what the bill says, I am including links at the bottom of the page. In a nutshell, it extends the ability of the citizen to carry a defensive handgun without a permit. If you are not a Tennessee resident, I would appreciate your passing this to any of your Tennessee contacts.

1. I am including the text of my email to these individuals. Please DO NOT copy and paste my email. Write your own.
2. With the most important national election, perhaps, in our lifetime, please consider joining the NRA. I am including a link below for you to follow to sign up.

Jim Coley, Chair, House Civil Justice Subcommittee-

Subcommittee members:
Bill Beck

Mike Carter

Sherry Jones

Jon Lundberg

Liston Matthews

Click HERE to join.

Dear _______________:

Tennessee has made significant progress in the restoration of the basic right of personal defense against violent aggression. But Tennessee Law still prevents many citizens from exercising their self-preservation rights under the Tennessee and U. S. Constitution, by requiring a poll tax in the form of our current permitting system.

Two years ago, the right to defend oneself was extended from the home to the vehicle, with the legalization of "car carry" without a permit. 

So now, a lady can drive to Kroger with her handgun in her car, but when she goes into the store, she must leave her handgun unattended while crossing sometimes dangerous parking lots and shopping.

If she is on a limited fixed income, she might be able to afford an inexpensive handgun, but not afford the cost of the permitting system.

Another elderly lady who lives in subsidized housing, and whose only means of transportation is a taxi or bus, doesn't even have the option of leaving a defensive firearm in her vehicle. Her defensive rights end at her front door.

Yet, under TCA 39-17-1322*, if either of these ladies uses a handgun in a justifiable self-defense situation, the law says "no harm done" and prevents prosecution for carrying. 

So, on one end we have the right to keep or carry a handgun in the home or car. On the other end we have exemption from prosecution if the defensive firearm is properly used.

Sandwiched in the middle is the prior restraint of the permitting system which restricts and taxes good citizens, yet does nothing to curtail the criminal.

Please vote yes on this bill.


Liston Matthews

​*​ A person shall not be charged with or convicted of a violation under this part if the person possessed, displayed or employed a handgun in justifiable self-defense or in justifiable defense of another during the commission of a crime in which that person or the other person defended was a victim.

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