Sunday, January 31, 2016

Travelers advisory for Virginia

Update - Governor McAuliff's press release states the executive action date has been pushed back to March 1:
Governor McAuliffe will also extend the effective date for the planned implementation of the revocation of reciprocity agreements with other states to March 1st. (h/t Joe Waldron)
Tennessee handgun permits have been recognized by Virginia for years. Suddenly last December, as I reported HERE, their attorney general arbitrarily decided that permits from 25 states are no longer recognized by the Old Dominion.

This executive action is effective tomorrow, February 1, 2016. Tennessee and many other state permits are no good in Virginia.

If you travel armed to Virginia, you are allowed, with some exceptions to open carry, or you can get a nonresident Virginia permit. Check out for the details.

There may be a happy ending on the horizon, though. Governor McAuliff and the Virginia legislature have apparently hammered out a deal that says, according to the Washington Post,
the state must recognize concealed-handgun permits from nearly all states-
I expect this compromise to be fast-tracked through to McAuliff's desk, but in the meantime, no concealed carry in Virginia, les'n you's frum thar.

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