Friday, January 29, 2016

Protesting guns at Chilhowee Park

We note that WVLT found two people(?) protesting the gun shows that take place at the park known as Chilhowee. Lawrence Williams with World United Ministries:
We're not saying they're doing anything wrong or anything like that, you know we don't know. But what we are saying is that guns are being supplied out on these streets. 
What about illicit drug deals that occur in the park zone? Has anyone protested those?

Williams agrees that there's nothing wrong with lawful commerce inside the park.
How does he connect ending this lawful commerce will have one iota of influence on gun sales between felons or on felonious violence?

I wonder if the gentlemen have considered getting a handgun permit and packing heat to protect themselves and their loved ones.

Only a small fraction of the nearly half billion guns in the United States are used illegally by only a small fraction of the population of the United States. If those relatively few individuals were locked away, our crime rate would be so low that gun sales for personal defense would plummet.

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