Saturday, January 2, 2016

Is it time to buy a defensive gun?

Trevor Hughes, a reporter for USA Today, based in Denver, thinks so . . .
I’m starting to feel like a soft target. I don’t like feeling like a soft target.  And once again, I’m left with this idea that an armed society ends up being a very polite society —  and one that’s highly resistant to attack.
. . . says Hughes, in a Christmas Day story in USA Today. 

Hughes recognizes the fact that someone besides the police needs to be the first line of defense against the bad guys. He recognizes that we have too many soft targets, and that the attacks seldom occur in areas with lots of armed individuals. 

I believe that the folks at the Polite Society Podcast would agree. Armed people coexist quite nicely together.
An armed society is a polite society, and can better peacefully coexist. Bumper sticker photo by Liston Matthews
Are you a soft target?

h/t to Dave Workman, Seattle Gun Rights examiner


  1. Only when I have to enter a government ran gun free zone. It sickens me to know no criminal is going to disarm and I am.

  2. I would have liked his article more if he hadn't made up so much random crap. Fake statistics asserted as fact do not make me happy. Hopefully he gets some practice and writes a new article next year about how firearms are now a healthy hobby of his.


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