Thursday, December 17, 2015

Why is no-fly, no-buy a bad idea?

The National Party of Gun Control, led by Frau Feinstein (D) of California, aided and abetted by a select few Rino's, recently tried to pass a bill that would ban folks on the no-fly (terrorist) watch list from purchasing a firearm.

Lets take a short look at what's wrong with that notion.

  • The list is fraught with errors. There are many names on the list that don't belong. More on this later....
  • The list is a secret list, and you don't know you're on it until you try to fly.
  • There is no way to get your name off.
  • The Constitutionally protected right of keeping and bearing arms would be removed by a nameless, faceless bureaucrat, without due process. 
This legislation, if passed, would increase the number of prohibited persons, which is one of the end games of the gun grabbers.

Even the Los Angeles Times agrees this is bad legislation.

Returning to the names that don't belong. the late  Teddy Kennedy (D) of Chappaquiddick Massachusetts, was on the list.

Screen grab, Patrick Hackett, DVM, Pellissippi Veterinary Hospital
Closer to home, I learned Monday at a Farragut Gun Club meeting, that Dr. Patrick Hackett, DVM, of Pellissippi Veterinary Hospital is on the list. He just happens to share the same first and last names with an infamous IRA terrorist. 

For complete details of Dr. Hackett's story, check out the Knoxville News-Sentinel article by Hugh Willett HERE.

Yes, a no-fly no-buy law would first remove due process, then it would remove the fundamental right of meaningful self- defense.

Its a bad idea!


  1. There is no due process requirement levied upon the government to put a person on the no fly or terrorist watch list. In addition, a person on a no-fly list at the airport can be pulled out of line and questioned or detained. A person who fails a background check at a gun store is allowed to walk out of the store with information about how to challenge the denial. The no-fly and terror watch lists are supposed to be secret so all this really does is allow a terrorist to find out if he is on a list and realize he has to come up with another identity to 1) get a firearm and 2) get on an airplane. So the dirty little secret here is that in order to make this work like they think it should, everyone wanting to purchase a firearm would first have to go to a law enforcement organization for a background check and be detained if they failed. This would accomplish two things the anti-gun zealots dream about - 1) Allow arbitrary denials of the right to bear arms 2) A registry of all gun owners - and keep in mind in every instance where governments have confiscated firearms, it has been preceded by registration.

    If the government really wants to implement this, they should be required to follow due process - or more specifically go before a judge to seek approval to add someone’s name and allow the accused person the option to be present to defend him or herself.

    Right now, the criteria for being on the no-fly or terrorist watch list is somewhat secret and arbitrary and the latest legislation that was proposed (HR15-1076) would allow the Attorney General to add anyone based on some undefined, subjective things called “a reasonable belief” or “appropriately suspected” the person is connected with international or domestic terrorism - and the term “domestic terrorism” is so nebulously defined in 18 USC 2331(5) that it could include anyone the government doesn’t like.

  2. The fact that his suggestion that anyone on the No-Fly list should be made to surrender their weapons was as unconstitutional as it gets. Of course, that has never been a deterrent to Barack Obama. His absolute disregard for the Constitution is so widely documented it barely justifies recognition. But, just as an exercise, I would like to point out that the deprivation of life, liberty or property without due process of law is patently unconstitutional, and that is not who we are.

  3. People in OUR government would never stoop to adding those with differing political opinions to a government watch list, would they? Like Hades they wouldn’t! They would, and they do.
    The Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution declares, “No person . . . [shall] be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law.” Depriving an America citizen of his or her liberty to purchase a firearm (thus denying the fundamental right of self-defense) by the simple act of a government bureaucracy adding one’s name to a list (with no criminal conduct being committed) smacks of totalitarian regimes.
    The push is now on to pass Peter King’s backdoor gun-control legislation: H.R. 1076. I urge readers to contact their senators and congressman IN MASS and let them know that the American people will NOT tolerate this extreme violation of constitutional liberties. This might be Barack Obama and his gaggle of gun-grabbers’ last opportunity during his administration to enact more gun control. And, again, they are capitalizing on a mass shooting in a gun-free zone as impetus for their tyranny. It never dawns on them that these shootings always take place in a gun-free zone. Instead, they want to turn the entire U.S. into a gun-free zone.
    If the government can ban a citizen’s right to keep and bear arms (or any other constitutionally-protected liberty) by simply putting them on a list, WE ARE ALL IN SERIOUS TROUBLE. Trump touts a pro-Second Amendment position, but if he would support this kind of governmental overreach, his commitment to the Second Amendment (and to the Constitution in general) is non-existent.


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