Friday, December 4, 2015

Burglar killed in Knoxville

Today's Knoxville News-Sentinel has a story about a burglar being killed at a Knoxville home.

OK, its sad that this happened, but when you play with fire you may get burned. And the perp had a history. And he was out on parole.

Note to all homeowners. The po-po will not be there when the bad guy arrives. Are you prepared?

Kudos to the DA on her decision to not file charges in this case.

Interred is deterred!


  1. Good job, Homeowner! You protected yourself, your family, your home from an invading criminal. You also protected future victims since this guy wasn't going to stop doing what he does!

  2. Did the article seem fair or did you perceive any anti-gun bias in the story? As the author, I am interested in your opinions.
    Don Jacobs
    News Sentinel
    Staff writer

    1. Don,
      Thank you for asking. I would point out two things.
      1. In my opinion, your piece gave to much to the "grieving uncle".
      2. Your mention of the fact that Williams bought the gun "outside a gun show" sounds a little bit like you are editorializing in favor of universal background checks although that may not have been your intent. Currently under Federal and Tennessee law, face to face transactions between two citizens are legal. Washington State, on the other hand, passed a Bloomberg sponsored UBC law last year, and under that law, if I were to let you shoot my gun at the range, we would first have to go to a dealer and do a transfer. Now, when you got finished shooting, we would have to go through the same process again to return the gun to me.

      Does that sound absurd? Check it out for yourself.

      I appreciate your being willing to have me opine. Overall, it was a very good, fair story.

    2. Don;

      I will tell you that my personal respect for you and your professionalism has substantially increased as a result of your 'reach-out' for comment.
      That said, I echo the previous comment about the uncle part and the source of the guns. Both are immaterial to this incident.
      What matters is that this long-time criminal was again working the system, believing that he could continue to do his crimes. Even his uncle knew what was going on but supported and covered for him. He (the criminal) was not going to stop his career until a physical confrontation occurred with the victim being injured of killed.
      Back to your reporting. Better than most. Could be improved by simply doing what news reporting should do, report the facts. Try to not take one side or another by 'reporting' insights, feeling or beliefs. Who, When, Where and Why. That's what reporting is, otherwise it's tainted and subjective. Once you go there your entire credibility is destroyed.
      Oh, one more thing: The best of the best 'news persons' verify every 'fact' before they commit to telling it to others.
      While in this case it does not appear to apply, as you move fwd in your life and career, find a way to independently verify facts.

  3. Gentlemen, thank you for sharing your thoughts. I hope we can continue to have constructive conversations.
    Don Jacobs


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