Sunday, December 20, 2015

Academy Sports deceased shoplifter named

The name of the Academy Sports shoplifter has been released. According to WATE, Amos Frerichs was approached by deputies inside the store.

Frerichs ran out of the store, was in a scuffle with the deputies, got into his vehicle, and ran over both deputies.

When Frerichs apparently attempted to kill the deputies by running them down, one of the deputies drew his weapon, utilized his combat marksmanship training, and neutralized the threat.

There were outstanding warrants on Frerichs in Knox County, according to a Knoxville News-Sentinel report.

Note to would be fleeing felons. The police must win. Go to court and get your three hots and a cot.

Otherwise you may end up like this guy. His life of crime has been cut short.

Interred is deterred!

Note to lawful handgun carriers. Academy is carry-friendly. (To avoid those annoying popup ads, use Adblock for Chrome)

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