Tuesday, October 13, 2015

First among equals

A friend and I went to the UT-GA ballgame Saturday. Great game for me, since the VOLS won. Not so much for my friend, who is a BULLDOG fan.

A couple of details I did not like about this event -

I saw Governor Haslam and his Mrs. at the game. They were sitting perhaps twelve to fifteen rows down from us. About three rows down from us was a muscular looking gentleman, with a curly cord hanging from his ear.

Sometime later, while eating a hot dog in the back area, I saw the curly cord gentleman exit the stands, followed by the Gov and Mrs, followed by another gentleman with the curly cord.

Well and good, Governor Haslam had and armed escort. We the taxpayers, I assume, pay the salaries of these gentlemen. I do not object to that.

Yet, I was forbidden by state law and university policy from even carrying a Swiss Army Knife in my pocket when I entered the stadium.

I was also forbidden by the City of Knoxville from providing for my own personal defense while travelling on a KAT bus to and from the game.

I guess we could call this stacking prohibitions.
A few weeks earlier, handgun permit holders were forbidden by the City and the Tennessee Valley Fair from providing for their own personal defense upon entering Chilhowee Park. Any bets Mayor Rogero had an armed personal escort at the Fair?

Why is it high ranking politicians always say, "Guns for me, but not for thee!"

Oh, yeah, I get it. They are the First Among Equals.

Don't #alllivesmatter?


  1. Don't go to plaes that disarm you.
    Let market forces apply pressure.

    1. I say use market forces, legislation, and litigation, as appropriate.

  2. Simply not patronizing places that disarm you is suitable for business'. However, any service, institution, or facility supported by state or local government is something that our tax payer dollars support and, therefore, should be subject to the second amendment rights we hold as citizens of the United States.

    Steve S.


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