Monday, August 3, 2015

Should 2015 see the end of gun ban zones?

They probably thought it would work. I don’t understand why they did, but just accept that they did. But, failing to look at the history of laws and failure to obey them was their downfall.

One of the first laws that was broken was the admonition against murder. Since antiquity, man has murdered man, and when caught, many have paid the consequence for that crime. Until recently, on the calendar of mankind, that consequence has been capital punishment*.

Having failed at deterring criminals from committing murder, we now regularly release them from prison and expect them to obey rules like not touching a gun**; or not taking a gun into a gun free zone.

Beginning roughly in the 1960’s, America saw a cultural sea change. Perpetrators of evil began to be seen, not as as evil, but as someone who was disadvantaged as a child, beat by their father, neglected by their mother, or whatever. The penal system started morphing from a system of punishment, to a gigantic rehab clinic. In many (most?) cases, the penitentiaries became graduate schools for criminals. The criminal justice system has become much like sport fishing: catch and release, catch and release....

Then, sad to say, there are those among us who are mentally ill, and once would have been a resident of a mental hospital, but these days they are mainstreamed into society with sometimes disastrous results.

Add to that the fact that we are now, like it or not, engaged in a world war with radical Islam. Muslim jihadis live among us. We don’t know who or where they are, but they from time to time come forth and exact mayhem. Two examples of this are the first Fort Hood massacre, and the recent murders of four Marines and a Sailor in Chattanooga.

When you put these factors together, and then look at the locations of mass public shootings, a good detective might be able to piece together some evidence that leads to a logical conclusion:
  1. Gun Free zone signs tend to NOT stop people whose purpose it to murder as many as they can before they die.
  2. Mass shooters often scout prey much in the way deer hunters do. Some make extensive notes as to what venues have Gun Free signs posted.
  3. Police are usually at least ten minutes away.
  4. Only two of the mass shootings since 1950 were not in an area designated as gun free.
  5. The folks that create gun ban zones send out their edicts from behind the protection of metal detectors and police officers. When they go out, it is often with a police escort.

And the bread crumbs lead to. . . . There is more than a strong correlation between gun ban zones and mass public shootings. These zones have been rightly labeled as criminal empowerment zones, killing fields, and target rich environments. 

So, one should avoid these zones whenever possible. 

Incessantly lobby your legislators!

Be polite, but very vocal with restaurants and other businesses that post! When alternatives exist, patronize them.

Carry everywhere its not prohibited.

Yes, 2015 is the year to eliminate gun ban zones.

Now get busy!
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*If anyone takes a human life, that person’s life will also be taken by human hands. For God made human beings in his own image.(Genesis 9:6 New Living Translation)
**Federal law generally prohibits a convicted felon from even touching a firearm, much less carrying one.



  1. A very good article


  3. Yes, gun-free zones are evil and those who promote them are likewise evil.


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