Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Tennessee House 14th District candidates, part II - where do they stand on guns?

In my previous post, I asked two questions of the two candidates for this seat.

Jason Zachary responded first, and his answer is found there.

Karen Carson responded today, and her answer is found here:

   Those who know me, and my 11 years of service on the Knox County Board of Education, will attest to the fact that I am not someone who has knee-jerk reactions to major incidents or tragedies.  I think policy and law changes need to be well thought out, researched and purposeful at all times.  Given that, and in the wake of the tragedy you bring forward, I will say that I absolutely can not think of a single reason that our military should not be allowed to protect themselves.  I think that is something that can and should be changed immediately.  I fully support our 2nd amendment rights and will continue to do so. 

There you have it. Read their answers, and if you get the opportunity, you may want to get them to flesh out their answers even more.

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