Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Tennessee House 14th District candidates - where do they stand on guns?

The Tennessee 14th District (Map) House of Representatives race to replace Ryan Haynes will be won by one of two candidates who qualified for the Republican Primary. Firearms owners, lovers of liberty, and those who desire the ability to defend themselves in these perilous times deserve to know where the candidates stand. 

With that in mind the following questions were sent to Karen Carson and Jason Zachary, the candidates on July 17:
Dear Karen and Jason:
Yesterday, we experienced another tragedy in Tennessee, with the murder of the Marines in Chattanooga.
This unfortunate tragedy brings to mind the need to get your views, for the record, on the current state of some of Tennessee's laws relative to guns.

1. If an entity, such as a business, government office, etc., places a "gunbuster" sign, such as the one on the entrance to the recruiting center in Chattanooga, at its entrance, Tennessee law requires that a person with a handgun carry permit not enter armed. The avowed intent of this legislation was safety, yet with two exceptions, since the 1950's, all mass public shootings have occurred in these "gun free zones"

Question 1. If elected to the Tennessee House, will you sponsor legislation to require these gun banning entities to provide meaningful, armed, security, for their employees and guests/customers?

2. Tennessee law now (with some small geographic exceptions) fully recognizes the citizens' right to keep and bear arms, without a carry permit, in their vehicle. This right recognition was expanded by the 2014 Legislature to include the vehicle in addition to the domicile and place of business. Tennessee law, however, taxes citizens who wish to exercise that right while walking down the street. This tax comes in the form of the fee for the handgun carry permit, along with ancillary expenses associated with the permitting process.
To the contrary, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Kansas, and Maine have joined with Vermont, and recognize the citizens' Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms without first getting a permit.

Question 2.If elected to the Tennessee House, will you co-sponsor and support a bill such as HB0535, which would recognize the right to carry a firearm without the need for a permit?
I would appreciate a prompt reply, for as you know, there is not much time between now and the primary.
I will be sharing your answers with the public atKnoxgunguy.com.
​If you have any questions, call anytime.​
Jason Zachary responded,
I fully support arming our military personnel at any facility.  The landscape in this country has changed and those who serve us in the armed forces, with proper training, must be allowed to defend themselves against the threat of Radical Islam.
In terms of Constitutional carry, I fully support the 2nd Amendment. The right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed!  You will be glad to know that since I joined you at the TFA meeting, my firearm has been with me on a more consistent basis!!

Karen Carson has not responded as of Tuesday, July 21, 2015, at noon. If she responds, her response will appear in a subsequent post.

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  1. He didn't answer your questions, he responded with the typical politicians' hem-haw.


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