Thursday, July 23, 2015

In view of recent massacres* - - -

- - - It is definitely time for gratuitous gun ban zones to become a part of history.

According to economist and peer reviewed researcher John Lott, since 1950, all mass public shootings but two have happened in these criminal empowerment zones.

There are areas where one might reluctantly depend on others to provide for meaningful defense against crime, but there are all too many places that prohibit law-abiding citizens from entering armed. These places don't even have a semblance of security.

Here in Knox County, Tennessee, the public library system not only bans the legal carrier, but implies your association with sexual offenders, as evidenced by their sign:
Sign at Farragut Branch of Knox County Library

There are others, such as the bans at rest areas in Alabama:
Alabama Welcome Center. Contact Alabama Governor Bentley at this LINK.
Then, there are many entities, such as retailers, banks, jewelry stores, hospitals, universities, etc., etc., which prohibit good citizens from protecting themselves, with their little signs. These signs carry as little meaning as orders of protection.

One would prefer to honor these signs. So, the best thing to do is avoid these places, whenever possible, but remember, if you go into one of them, you are on your own. Even Superman would have trouble coming to the rescue soon enough!

Tennessee law recognizes open and concealed carry, but some times and places are more suited to concealed.

Call to action:

  • If you see a place that is posted, courteously remind them that they are banning the most law abiding group of citizens, while advertising their facility is ripe for the criminal predator.
  • Call on your lawmakers to change the bans in government buildings where there is no security. 
  • Call on your lawmakers to remove the felony offense for permit holders in banning locations.
  • Call on your lawmakers to join with other free states and restore Constitutional Carry, a measure Governor Haslam has promised to sign.
  • Write letters to editors and comment on newspaper articles where appropriate.
Be safe in your handling of firearms. Practice Cooper's Four Rules

*The term massacres, rather than shootings, or killings, is used here because there is a history:

  • The Boston Massacre was the killing of five colonists by British regulars on March 5, 1770.
  • One February evening (in 1929) in North Chicago, seven well-dressed men were found riddled with bullets inside the S.M.C Cartage Co. garage. (St. Valentine's Day Massacre)


  1. It is long past time when we may reasonably consider those who create gun-free-zones as merely misinformed. These people must know what they are doing, and their actions, therefore, are unmitigated evil.

  2. Thankfully, there are no businesses in Florida sporting "Gunbuster" signs, because they have no force of law.

    That's the way it should be in EVERY state.


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