Sunday, July 26, 2015

High five for Alabama

Today, travelers to and through Alabama may carry their defensive sidearms into Alabama rest areas(provided, of course, that you have your permission slip recognized by Alabama).

Governor Bentley tweeted, "I have ordered the AL Department of Transportation to remove signs banning weapons at all Alabama rest stops to comply with state law." at 2:27 PM - 24 Jul 2015.


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Thursday, July 23, 2015

In view of recent massacres* - - -

- - - It is definitely time for gratuitous gun ban zones to become a part of history.

According to economist and peer reviewed researcher John Lott, since 1950, all mass public shootings but two have happened in these criminal empowerment zones.

There are areas where one might reluctantly depend on others to provide for meaningful defense against crime, but there are all too many places that prohibit law-abiding citizens from entering armed. These places don't even have a semblance of security.

Here in Knox County, Tennessee, the public library system not only bans the legal carrier, but implies your association with sexual offenders, as evidenced by their sign:
Sign at Farragut Branch of Knox County Library

There are others, such as the bans at rest areas in Alabama:
Alabama Welcome Center. Contact Alabama Governor Bentley at this LINK.
Then, there are many entities, such as retailers, banks, jewelry stores, hospitals, universities, etc., etc., which prohibit good citizens from protecting themselves, with their little signs. These signs carry as little meaning as orders of protection.

One would prefer to honor these signs. So, the best thing to do is avoid these places, whenever possible, but remember, if you go into one of them, you are on your own. Even Superman would have trouble coming to the rescue soon enough!

Tennessee law recognizes open and concealed carry, but some times and places are more suited to concealed.

Call to action:

  • If you see a place that is posted, courteously remind them that they are banning the most law abiding group of citizens, while advertising their facility is ripe for the criminal predator.
  • Call on your lawmakers to change the bans in government buildings where there is no security. 
  • Call on your lawmakers to remove the felony offense for permit holders in banning locations.
  • Call on your lawmakers to join with other free states and restore Constitutional Carry, a measure Governor Haslam has promised to sign.
  • Write letters to editors and comment on newspaper articles where appropriate.
Be safe in your handling of firearms. Practice Cooper's Four Rules

*The term massacres, rather than shootings, or killings, is used here because there is a history:

  • The Boston Massacre was the killing of five colonists by British regulars on March 5, 1770.
  • One February evening (in 1929) in North Chicago, seven well-dressed men were found riddled with bullets inside the S.M.C Cartage Co. garage. (St. Valentine's Day Massacre)

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Tennessee House 14th District candidates, part II - where do they stand on guns?

In my previous post, I asked two questions of the two candidates for this seat.

Jason Zachary responded first, and his answer is found there.

Karen Carson responded today, and her answer is found here:

   Those who know me, and my 11 years of service on the Knox County Board of Education, will attest to the fact that I am not someone who has knee-jerk reactions to major incidents or tragedies.  I think policy and law changes need to be well thought out, researched and purposeful at all times.  Given that, and in the wake of the tragedy you bring forward, I will say that I absolutely can not think of a single reason that our military should not be allowed to protect themselves.  I think that is something that can and should be changed immediately.  I fully support our 2nd amendment rights and will continue to do so. 

There you have it. Read their answers, and if you get the opportunity, you may want to get them to flesh out their answers even more.

Tennessee House 14th District candidates - where do they stand on guns?

The Tennessee 14th District (Map) House of Representatives race to replace Ryan Haynes will be won by one of two candidates who qualified for the Republican Primary. Firearms owners, lovers of liberty, and those who desire the ability to defend themselves in these perilous times deserve to know where the candidates stand. 

With that in mind the following questions were sent to Karen Carson and Jason Zachary, the candidates on July 17:
Dear Karen and Jason:
Yesterday, we experienced another tragedy in Tennessee, with the murder of the Marines in Chattanooga.
This unfortunate tragedy brings to mind the need to get your views, for the record, on the current state of some of Tennessee's laws relative to guns.

1. If an entity, such as a business, government office, etc., places a "gunbuster" sign, such as the one on the entrance to the recruiting center in Chattanooga, at its entrance, Tennessee law requires that a person with a handgun carry permit not enter armed. The avowed intent of this legislation was safety, yet with two exceptions, since the 1950's, all mass public shootings have occurred in these "gun free zones"

Question 1. If elected to the Tennessee House, will you sponsor legislation to require these gun banning entities to provide meaningful, armed, security, for their employees and guests/customers?

2. Tennessee law now (with some small geographic exceptions) fully recognizes the citizens' right to keep and bear arms, without a carry permit, in their vehicle. This right recognition was expanded by the 2014 Legislature to include the vehicle in addition to the domicile and place of business. Tennessee law, however, taxes citizens who wish to exercise that right while walking down the street. This tax comes in the form of the fee for the handgun carry permit, along with ancillary expenses associated with the permitting process.
To the contrary, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Kansas, and Maine have joined with Vermont, and recognize the citizens' Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms without first getting a permit.

Question 2.If elected to the Tennessee House, will you co-sponsor and support a bill such as HB0535, which would recognize the right to carry a firearm without the need for a permit?
I would appreciate a prompt reply, for as you know, there is not much time between now and the primary.
I will be sharing your answers with the public
​If you have any questions, call anytime.​
Jason Zachary responded,
I fully support arming our military personnel at any facility.  The landscape in this country has changed and those who serve us in the armed forces, with proper training, must be allowed to defend themselves against the threat of Radical Islam.
In terms of Constitutional carry, I fully support the 2nd Amendment. The right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed!  You will be glad to know that since I joined you at the TFA meeting, my firearm has been with me on a more consistent basis!!

Karen Carson has not responded as of Tuesday, July 21, 2015, at noon. If she responds, her response will appear in a subsequent post.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Where is Waldo, er Governor Haslam

...on arming our Tennessee National Guard recruiters.

On Meet the Press, he says he fears arming them on Federal properties.  He doesn't want to break any Federal laws.


But, perhaps he should check with 6 other governors and see how they are making it work.

When its all said and done, will more be said than done?

Will we all be in an official dither for a few weeks, like after the Arkansas recruiter murdered by Abdulhakim Muhammad, then back to business until it happens again?

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Domestic terrorist?

Timothy McVeigh was a domestic terrorist.

The person that massacred the disarmed Marines was, from all accounts, a radical Islamic terrorist.

If you are a politician and you can't tell the difference, you should immediately resign your position. Make way for someone with some sense.


Marines murdered in gun ban zone

In a recent article, I discussed gun free zones, and the fact that they are a bad idea. Now, once again, innocent Americans have reaped the reward of the gun ban utopian's dreams. As I mentioned in that piece, arbitrarily designating these areas shows that those who do so are out of touch with reality. There are at least two fatal assumptions they make:

  1. Criminal who don't obey the law will obey their sign
  2. Good people with guns will turn bad when they enter the designated ban area.

Well, in this case, there were again some good guys without guns in the ban area. The bad guy showed up, without and appointment, and massacred these Marines*.

Details will come out. 

Questions will be asked, such, as was this person a radical Islamic terrorist? Was he a domestic terrorist? Was he just a run-of-the mill hoodlum?

Doesn't matter. 

The question that needs to be asked is, "When will these statist utopians wake up and get rid of these asinine killing fields for evil perpetrators??"

Are you a politician who has held onto this hopeless ideal?  Wake up!
* One of the pictures at the link cleary shows the gun ban sign on the door.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Is That Common Sense Gun Control.. or More Spin?

Media spokesmen from anti-gun lobby groups say they want to regulate guns in the name of safety.  They say they are for “common sense gun safety regulations”.  Are they really?  Let’s look at what the ant-rights groups say, and at what they really do.  Let’s see if we agree with their gun control proposals after we strip away the public relations spin. . . 

Read the whole article at Slow Facts by Rob Morse.