Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Trump announces his candidacy

Yesterday, Donald Trump threw his hat into the presedential ring. Below is a reprint of my Examiner column from April 12. Has the Donald totally looked into it? What do you think?

Will Donald Trump run? Will he be the one to tell the current occupant of the White House, "You're Fired!"?

Donald Trump Speaks at NRA Annual Meeting 20015
photo by Liston Matthews

And what does The Donald think about your Right to Keep and Bear Arms (RKBA)?
With the 2016 presidential election looming on the horizon, a group of potential contenders gathered here in Tennessee and addressed NRA members on Friday, April 10. Like the others, Trump appeared to be sincerely concerned about the state and direction of our country.
While lovers of liberty share their concern, it seemed prudent to get a statement from Trump relating to the Second Amendment. So, this column posed a question related to National Reciprocity, "As president, would you use that position as a bully pulpit to support National Reciprocity, so that, not only New Yorkers, but other people who come to New York, would be able to defend themselves?"

Trump responded,
I would totally look into that, because I'm a big believer.
Whether or not he runs for President, has Trump joined the Second Amendment FoundationGun Owners of AmericaNRA, or NYSRPA? As he stated in the interview, he has his license to carry in the Big Apple. But, what about Joe Shmoe?
In the meantime, with another uber wealthy New Yorker, Michael Bloomberg spending
in his monetary assault on the RKBA, would Trump be willing to spend perhaps
in its defense? Will he spend any of his reported $4.1 Billion net worth to advance the right of ordinary New Yorkers to carry a defensive weapon?
Mr. Trump, how big a believer are you? Are you willing to ante up to help restore, preserve, and advance the RKBA for your children and grandchildren?

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