Monday, August 29, 2016

Saf-T-Round review

I was turning right from Cedar Bluff onto Kingston Pike recently, when I heard an ad for Saf-T-Rounds on the radio*. I had seen these advertised on the web, and wondered how well they work. Imagine my surprise, the ad said they are made right her in the Knoxville area!

I contacted the company and made arrangements to visit their office,where they showed me their products and told me about the history of their company.  They gave** me a few samples to try, and here are the results:

First, the overall concept of these ejectable chamber indicators is that they. . .
offer the valuable combination of an easy to see load indicator that prevents accidental/unintentional discharge AND the ability to eject the device for instant access to your firearm.
This arrangement would facilitate keeping a loaded magazine in the firearm, with one of these devices in the chamber to indicate an empty chamber. A simple working of the action ejects the Saf-T-Round and chambers a cartridge.

I see this as useful in a home defense situation which would allow keeping a firearm in condition three. That is, with the chamber empty.

When carried this way with an empty chamber, condition three is also known as Israeli carry. To me, carrying a handgun in condition three is not advisable. An injury to either hand could slow or prevent racking the slide to chamber a round, and defensive situations are too critical to add this unnecessary complication.

But, in the home in a quick access nightstand safe, an extra measure of safety would be provided. That is where this device shines.

The ideal use, in my view, is with the AR-15 or other long gun locked in a safe with the Saf-T-Round in the chamber, and a loaded magazine in the well. The Saf-T-Round's chamber flag indicates an empty chamber, and can be easily ejected after the rifle is removed from the safe. No need to grab a magazine, because it is in the rifle. Grab the charging handle, pull all the way to the rear, and let go. The Saf-T-Round is ejected, and releasing the charging handle chambers a live round.

STR223MT .223 multi-tool. The multi-tool seen in the following three photos has several functions for use with the AR-15. First, it serves as an ejectable chamber flag, as mentioned above. But, also the narrow (bullet) end of the device can be used to push out the takedown pins. There is also a pin which can be used to remove the firing pin retainer pin, as well as the extractor pin from the bolt. In field use the pin could be used to adjust the front sight.

The multi-tool worked well as a chamber flag. Note that not all AR's have a forward assist. It is easy, however, with just a few tries, to learn to release the charging handle with enough spring pressure for the extractor to ride over the rim and into the extraction groove. It ejected without a problem.

STR9ML. I tried the 9mm Saf-T-Round in a pistol and it functioned as it should.

STR22. The .22 Long Rifle model did not eject cleanly in the one semi-auto pistol I tried it in. I cut a little off the bullet end, though, and then it worked perfectly.

STR12P. The 12 gauge Saf-T-Round I tried functioned flawlessly in a pump and an autoloader.

Each family's situation is different. With small children in the home, I would regard this as an additional safety measure to having the defensive handgun in bedside safe. The home-defense shotgun or rifle with a loaded magazine, with one of these in the chamber (while locked in a safe) seems to be the ideal use. I did not try their retention strap, but I think it would be needed if using these on the range.
*Hear Phil Williams's WOKI - News/Talk 98.7 Saf-T-Round interview HERE.

**full disclosure: They gave me the samples, but with the understanding that I would test them and report what I found.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Who, or what, is really on the presidential ballot in 2016

In Knox County, Tennessee, we are currently in the midst of an election that includes county commissioners, school board members, and aldermen in Farragut.

But another group on the ballot is judges. In Tennessee, high level judges are appointed, then in order to stay on the court(s), they undergo a retention vote.

For example one race on our ballot reads like this:
Kenny Armstrong
Shall Kenny Armstrong
be retained in office as
a Judge of the Court of
Appeals, Western
Division, or be replaced?
☐ Retain
☐ Replace
Now think about the big issue on the November ballot. On the face of it, it appears to be about electing one of two people to the presidency.

But, the way you should see the presidential race is like this:
Amendment Two*
Shall Amendment Two
be retained in the Bill of
Rights, or removed?
☐ Retain
☐ Remove
. . . That is what is really on the ballot this time. A vote for Hillary Clinton is
  a vote for Australian style gun control, collect and crush. Note in the video that she also uses the term buy-back, which is a favorite leftist term, as if they owned the guns in the first place. Note what she says at about one minute forty seconds, "I think it would be worth considering on the national level, if that could be arranged, ...".

Now, since the Libertarian candidate can't win, voting for him or staying home in a huff, aid and abet Clinton in her quest. Do you really want to remove the Second Amendment from the Bill of Rights for the NEXT FORTY YEARS, perhaps forever. 

Only you can decide what to do in the privacy of the voting booth. Do you want your grandchildren to be like the Normandy flock that saw their priest murdered?

I vote
 ☐ Retain 
That means I vote Trump.

*A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

Fatal errors

The Friday, July 29 Knoxville News-Sentinel contains reports of two instances of criminal foolishness that resulted in death.

One case involves an intruder who was killed by a homeowner in Union County. It was a fatal error.

The other case involves a man who decided to fight it out with deputies in Blount County. It appears that in the scuffle, his head impacted unforgiving pavement. Another fatal error.


In gun-friendly rural East Tennessee, home invaders are as likely as not to meet armed resistance. They could just be signing their own death warrant.

Fighting with the po-po can come to no good end. Police officers have to win. And, they have backup and radios. 

Another thing those of malevolent mind should consider. Tennessee no longer requires a permit to keep a defensive gun in a vehicle. 

Carjackers beware!

Friday, July 29, 2016

Defending against terroristic mass murder

Massad Ayoob

By Massad Ayoob
Backwoods Home Magazine
Issue #160 • July/August, 2016
My friend Rich Grassi is a retired cop, a masterful instructor, and one of the best writers in the tactical field today. He recently wrote that it would be wise to carry a gun all the time, given the spate of terroristic mass murders in this country and elsewhere. Someone wrote back that the likelihood of being able to stop such a thing was less than that of winning the lottery. . . .
Please CLICK HERE and go over to Backwoods Home Magazine to read this very informative article by Massad Ayoob.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Knox County early voting

Farragut Town Hall
Early voting began last Friday in Knox County, and continues through July 30. The schedule and locations are HERE.

Citizens who carry a defensive weapon should be forewarned that some early voting locations, such as Farragut Town Hall, are posted against firearms.

The Farragut leadership has, so far, decreed that you forfeit your natural right to self-defense when you enter Town Hall.
Do ya wanna come in heah, pilgrim, then leave thet popgun out in the car. Oh, and by the way, we don't provide no security in heah. No security guards, no metal detectors, no nuthin. You on ya own!
Perhaps the biggest danger is the fact that these prohibited zones with their signs are magnets for evildoers. Of all the mass shootings that have occurred since 1950, only three were not in so-called gun free zones.

But wait, there are alternatives*. The location at 1543 Downtown West Blvd in Knoxville was not posted when I voted Monday. Whether you lawfully carry a handgun or not, the absence of posted signs indicates a lower statistical risk.

Photo by Liston Matthews
There are other locations that are posted. These include the City-County Building, which does have security and metal detectors, and Carter Library, which like all Knox County Libraries, is posted. The County Commission appears to have the same attitude as Farragut when it comes to the libraries (note, too, that the Knox County Library posting sign at left lumps permit holders with sex offenders).

So, you ask yourself, "Should I carry when I go vote?"

If evil shows up, who ya gonna call?

*Some government locations may be posted by law, even if they don't have signs. You may want to seek legal advice.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Lets talk elections

For most of my life, I have voted for the presidential candidate I disliked the least. The political reality is, we seldom get exactly what we want. BUT, this time we must choose between the a candidate we may not really like and one who will pick up where B. H. Obama leaves off, fundamentally transforming us into a socialist paradise. 

That choice is between D. J. Trump and H. R. Clinton. He has issued a pretty decent position paper on Second Amendment Rights. She has vowed to attack gun owners every day she is in office. She favors Australian style collect and crush gun control.

Whichever of the two is elected will name the next two to four Supreme Court justices. Do you really want to take the chance of her doing that?

Now is not the time to petulantly vote for the Libertarian candidate. All he is doing is helping skew the election, one way or another. If you cherish your natural right to be armed, yet vote for him, you are throwing in the towel; and aiding and abetting the enemies of liberty (The opposite of the Libertarian ideal?).

So, take some ibuprofen on election day, leave your Buster Brown shorts in the drawer, put on your big boy pants, and just do the right thing. You can show the GOP your disdain later on by throwing out wishy-washy incumbents, and replacing them with more conservative representatives. 

If you are still reading this far, then check out my friend John Richardson's excellent piece over at No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money:

This presidential election may be historic if for no other reason than both presumptive nominees are grossly unpopular. Now if you like Donald Trump or you like Hillary Clinton and you object to that statement, then you are probably in the minority. Both candidates had unfavorability ratings of over 50% as of late June. Frankly, I don't see that changing.
I'll admit right up front that Donald Trump was not my first choice. Heck, he wasn't even my fourth choice. At the start of the primary season, I considered Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, and Ted Cruz as potential recipients of my vote. I added Carly Fiorina to that list after I saw how she handled the press.
Read all of his thought-provoking article HERE.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

KnoxNews flubs on two year old car carry law

Author holding 44-40 Henry rifle
The Henry Rifle I am holding here might be too large and unwieldy to carry loaded in your car, but under Tennessee law, it is legal. The Knoxville News-Sentinel reported this as news yesterday, July 11, 2016 on page A4.

The problem is, this is two year old news. This piece was picked up from the Chattanooga Times Free Press from July 9, 2014.

I did a complete breakdown on this in 2014 at my Good Hill Press, and also posted commentary at  Examiner, where I was writing at the time.

So, looking at this old news in the rear view mirror, it is worth noting that the fears mentioned in the article have not come to pass. Tennesseans don't need  a permission slip from the state to act responsibly.

The next step:    Constitutional Carry

Will current legislators follow the Constitution, or will we have to replace them with those who will?